At Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with the services we offer, and in every aspect of the work we do. Our workforce is highly trained and qualified to meet all your needs, dedicated to offering diverse and specialized services tailored to our client’s unique preferences and situation. Take a look at some of the services we offer below.

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Always Prepared

Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors are able to offer either RICS Condition Surveys or bespoke Condition Surveys that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Condition Surveys are a non-invasive inspection and can provide you with an overview of a property identifying an issues that may require further investigation or highlight areas that should be attended to before further defects may develop allowing you to better understand the condition of a property allowing you to make informed decisions on your maintenance needs or when undertaking a purchase of the property.

The RICS Condition survey collates information in an easy to understand traffic light system ensuring that if any important issues are found that are easily identifiable.

Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors can also offer clients a Stock Condition service for those who own larger amounts of properties and want to understand the condition of those properties on a more strategic level.



Attention to Detail

Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors have experience of identifying defects and providing advice on remediation for a wide range of clients in different sectors. Defects can include issues around damp ingress, cracking or improper detailing of building elements.

We are able to provide a report summarising the findings and provide advice on rectification requirements.

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Professional Representation

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you will likely have repairing covenants included in your lease.

At the start of a lease, it is a good idea to commission a Schedule of Condition to record the state of the building and provide evidence for when the lease expires or is renewed.

Once the lease has expired or during the term of the lease, a Schedule of Dilapidations is undertaken to assess if the repairing covenants have been complied with. If there is a claim that the covenants have not been complied with then the Landlords Surveyor and the Tenants Surveyor will need to work together to negotiate the full extent of works required to comply with the terms of the lease or what compensation is due.



Expert Service

Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors have many years of experience is providing Employers Agent Services under JCT contracts of private and Social Landlord clients.

The employers Agent service covers all project stages from feasibility to completion of the defects period and a range of projects from small developments to larger multi-million pound schemes.

The service includes;
•Working with clients to during the early feasibility stage to ensure our clients are working towards their goals form the outset.
•Management of the design stage acting as a single point for the design team to ensure design development and coordination matters are monitored and controlled.
•Preparation of contract documents including Employers Requirements for tender purposes.
•Management and advice on tender procedures including responding of requests from tendering contractors.
•Analysis of and advice on tender returns.
•Monitoring of works and chairing of regular site meetings.
•Drafting and serving of required contract documents and Notices.
•Financial reporting and monitoring of the contract costs including agreeing of the final account.
•Regular site inspections highlighting any poor practice identified on site and ensuring matters are rectified.
•completing the snagging and de-snagging process towards completion as well as undertaking inspections at the end of the defect liability period.

Analysing the Numbers


Holistic Consideration

Weather you are looking at development potential of a new site or want to fully understand what options are available within your current stock, Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors can help advise of possible options and provided costed assessments to help our clients to make informed decisions to optimise their use of the Build Environment and maximise the potential of our client’s sites.



Managed and Considered Solutions

Being able to effectively monitor and plan for the maintenance costs of a single or multiple buildings is essential in effective cost planning. Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors are experienced in providing various levels of stock condition reports and maintenance plans that allow our client to plan for future maintenance costs ensuring suitable sinking funds can be established. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us to find a solution fully tailored to meet your requirements.

Blueprint Design


Accuracy and Clarity

Measured surveys can be a very useful tool weather you are looking to create a record of your existing building or home or you wish to look at the potential to extend or remodel. A measured survey can be an invaluable to enable you to be able fully realise the future or existing potential of your property.



Advice and Submissions

Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors are able to provide advice for potential planning applications or assist clients in putting applications together to help ensure applications are accepted and give them the best chance to be accepted. We are also able to create the required drawings and plans in-house for a one-stop solution

Urban Architecture Model


Professional Advice

Wallbridge Chartered Surveyors have over 30 year of experience in identifying and obtaining planning on a range of sites and uses. Our services include identifying and commissioning key aspects and requirements on a site by site basis including arboricultural, ecological and ground investigation, traffic management and development impacts on the surrounding area.

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Expert Service and Advice

Weather you require to serve a Notice or have received one, WCS is on hand to provide help, advice and assistance to ensure the process runs smoothly. David has several years of Party Wall experience in London and the South Coast with commercial and residential clients, and is not only a qualified member of the RICS but also a fully qualified member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.

We are happy to assist you in any stage of the Party Wall process from the identification of where the act may be required on your projects and developments to completing Notices on your behalf, undertaking Schedules of Condition, completing Party Wall Awards and ensuring all the necessary information and due care is in place.

As a member of the RICS we are happy to offer 30 minutes of free advice if you have any queries or require any clarifications about the Party Wall Act weather you need to serve a notice or have received one. Please see our contact page for more information.